#LAprotects: non-medical face masks required beginning April 1
As of April 1, all Angelenos are asked to wear a non-medical grade mask or other face covering across their mouth and nose when out in public, in addition to maintaining current social distancing practices.
This is important to do, even if you don’t feel sick, because there are many people who actively carry the coronavirus and can pass it to others, but don’t know it, because they aren’t experiencing any symptoms. Since testing is not yet available for anyone not currently showing symptoms, covering your face is the best way to ensure, for now, that those who are asymptomatic do not infect others.
However, please do not use surgical and N95 masks, as any that are available are needed for medical workers and first responders. Instead, you can use a scarf or bandana to tie across your face, or make your own – search online for “DIY mask”, “mask tutorial,” or “mask template” to find a how-to guide.
Share your face-covering creations – and share this important news with your loved ones and stakeholders – using the hashtag #LAprotects.