Alliance for River Communities: Housing Element 101

Sat. Feb. 27 -Workshop #2: Social Equity Housing
Zoom link to Join Meeting:
Zoom ID is 8382 360 8996

Revised Outline
Introductions/Welcome (10:00 am)
Guest Speakers (time includes Q and A)
1. Social housing in regional perspective- Tara Barauskas,
Community Corporation of Santa Monica. (10:05-10:35)
2. Emergency and short-term housing, at the local level- Kiara
Payne, Ascencia, Glendale (10:40-11:10)
3. Examples of Social activism around LA City’s housing
element—Staff Attorney, Public Counsel, LA (11:15-11:45)
4. Homework: Draft letter to City Council regarding lack of
information available to review regarding:
• Sites for affordable housing inventory –pending
• Zone changes —pending
• Administrative implementation plan–pending