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Welcome to the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council (LHNC) website. The LHNC created this website as a communications tool for our community. This resource will allow all stakeholders to become informed and get involved with the LHNC and the Lincoln Heights community.

The purpose of the LHNC is to advise on issues of concern to our neighborhood work as a liason with the City of Los Angeles government and elected officials. The Council provides an inclusive, open forum for public discussion of issues concerning City governance, our neighborhood’s needs, the delivery of City services and matters of City-wide importance. The Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council strives to empower stakeholders from all parts of our community to work together for change. The Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council was certified by the City on April 27, 2002.

Lincoln Heights is a diverse community offering recreation and athletic facilities to the area’s children, adults and retired citizens. Life in Lincoln Heights is very active. There are over 25 churches and temples representing several denominations throughout the Lincoln Heights area. Entertainment ranges from tours of historic landmarks and buildings to winery visits, dance and music festivals, live theaters, art exhibits and numerous shops and restaurants for shopping and eating.

We invite you to explore this website and join us in becoming an active member of the Lincoln Heights community.  The Lincoln
Heights Neighborhood Council BOARD OF DIRECTORS meets at El Arca, 3839 Selig Place, Los Angeles, CA 90031, on the THIRD THURSDAY of the MONTH from 6:00 pm, to 9:00 pm


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