Small business COVID support: City of LA microloans, evictions moratorium, toolkit


Can’t pay your rent right now in this current crisis? Both residential and commercial renters in the City of Los Angeles who are unable to make rent due to circumstances related to COVID-19 will have extra time to pay, thanks to an official ordinance passed by City Council March 27th that took effect on March 31st.

Please note that rents are deferred, rather than waived outright, and must be repaid in full within one year for residential renters, or three months for commercial tenants. Please also keep in mind that this is a measure to protect those in need. Those who are able to pay their rent during this crisis are asked to please continue doing so, in order to help keep the local economy moving, and to help protect small mom-and-pop landlords.

Additionally, under the new ordinance, the Ellis Act may not be used to remove residential tenants from rent-stabilized properties during the entire COVID-19 Local Emergency Period. This Ellis Act restriction remains in place for 60 days after that period is officially ended.

Small businesses in the City of Los Angeles can learn more and apply for a microloan at

Download the City of LA’s Small Business Reslience Toolkit.