Planning & Land Use

The Planning and Land-Use:  Committee makes recommendations to the Board regarding planning issues including zoning changes, building/demolition permits and City projects such as cell phone towers, bridge and street modifications and plans. This Committee is currently working on North Broadway revitalization issues. The Committee works with the Council offices and City Departments, as well as stakeholders wanting to build in the area. The Committee also deals with issues arising from applications to the Planning Department & Planning Commissions for the purposes of planning, preservation and land use.


Richard Larsen (Chairman and Board Member)

Mario Marrufo (Board member)
Benny Madera  (Board member)
Armida Marrufo (Board member)
Gilbert Arevalo (Board member)
Sheri Fierro (Board member)
Gilas Corea (Stakeholder)
Miko Merced (Stakeholder)

Past Minutes